Friday, December 12, 2008

Education & innovation

Finally a success,
I meet today with a VP and director of a BIG TV company, presented them my ideas in regards to innovation on WEB 2.0, and they loved it.

I was preparing for this meeting for quit a while, and I really fill like my efforts were justified.

The people I meet are amazing out of the ordinary people who have a lot of experience and have many connections.

I got a lead to two of their contacts, and I will follow up with them, hopefully the vision will start to be a reality.

Today I was inspired by following a video by Sir Ken Robinson ( ) I saw it 4 times and one more time with my wife, and I have a vision of contacted ken, and try to do some biz dev collaboration based on innovation…

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is Sharel Omer's Blog!

This is Sharel's Blog!

I am a passionate and motivated person, with a lot of ambition, personality and vision.
Nowadays I am at a cross-road seeking my future at product management, product marketing or business development.

Trying to enjoy the forced vacation given to me after the last company I worked in had cutbacks , and at the same time seeks my next position.

These days the financial climate is bad, and as they say, it’s going to be a COLD winter….

So each day, I start by reinventing myself, seeking business opportunities and leads towards relevant positions.

I intend that this blog will be my personal book, of the path I took from having a personal visions about a positions, and getting the position at a later stage in life.

May it be a reminder to me and others that even when times are bad, if there is a will then there is a way….

Good luck…