Monday, July 27, 2009

JUST DO IT, and DO IT, and DO IT till the job gets done.

At the end of the day... there are too many almost and too many excuse...

If you want something to get done JUST DO IT.

I see it as must feature for each entrepreneur...

I was inspired by this lecture by @ART WILLIAMS the leading entrepreneur at the U.S.A a multimillionaire !...'JUST DO IT'.... stop to be ALMOST... just do it!

He also say that high tech/computer people are too smart for their own good and always think about what could go wrong :(.. so they just don't do it... the opposite of JUST DO IT: )

its a bit long but worth every minute :)

it's all about the vibe :) join the vibe boat!

I see myself as a visionary who always see the big picture and try to lower it down into reality:)

I see it a lot in product management and in business development... the biggest challenge is it to take a vision and make it a reality...

I understood that at the end of the day the best way to make a vision into a reality is:
The right people, at the right time, doing the right thing...:)

So simple, yet so hard...

my understand is that to make it happen the most important special sauce to make it happened is:

I would like to share an examples of VIBE....

The founders of when they were bought by google at for $ 1.65 billion ....... watch the vibe :)

Dan Bricklin and Sharel Omer

Me and Mr Dan Bricklin at the Enterprise 2.0 conference at Boston.

The picture was taken by Chris Brogan and published at:

Chris Brogan and Sharel Omer

Chris and Sharel Omer
Originally uploaded by Chris Brogan
Last month I was at Boston for the Enterprise 2.0 conference.

i meet many people including Mr. Chris Brogan from who is a famous blogger on community and social media.

It was a great honor for me, and he added a blog post with my picture in it:

Happy collaboration.