Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Speedy Startups -- the new agile way for success.

In our agile technology web2.0 / enterprise 2.0 world is it very hard to catch up on things... is closed and reopen, facebook buys freidnfeed, yahoo buys xoopit, Yahoo has "adopted" Microsoft's Bing as the search engine.... and everybody keep asking who will buy twitter... probably Google.

When you want to succeed in your initiative you want to have a good biz and product competitive edge....

Itamar Rogel my good friend and a brilliant entrepreneur send me a mp3 by Mr.Mike Cassidy who talks about speed and how to win big in startups in an agile spped methodology by "Mike Cassidy On Speedy Startups".

I was inspired by Mike's concept and encourage you to hear this mp3 and see his speed presentation :)

The speed mp3 audio:

The presentation by Mike: