Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Speedy Startups -- the new agile way for success.

In our agile technology web2.0 / enterprise 2.0 world is it very hard to catch up on things... is closed and reopen, facebook buys freidnfeed, yahoo buys xoopit, Yahoo has "adopted" Microsoft's Bing as the search engine.... and everybody keep asking who will buy twitter... probably Google.

When you want to succeed in your initiative you want to have a good biz and product competitive edge....

Itamar Rogel my good friend and a brilliant entrepreneur send me a mp3 by Mr.Mike Cassidy who talks about speed and how to win big in startups in an agile spped methodology by "Mike Cassidy On Speedy Startups".

I was inspired by Mike's concept and encourage you to hear this mp3 and see his speed presentation :)

The speed mp3 audio:

The presentation by Mike:


Mike Polischuk said...

Hey man, thanx for sharing Mike's presentation.
The "speedy startup" sounds like a good idea, but I have one problem with it - it comes with the preconceived notion that your goal is to sell your startup, and better do it as fast as possible.

Of course startups dream of being acquired by Google or Microsoft, but that can't be the goal/mission. The mission must be "to change the world" in some way. Acquisition in a way is a recognition of your success in doing so. So while Mike gives good and practical tips on how to move fast from one step to the next, he underplays the importance of having BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) in front of your eyes, and that I think would be a mistake.

SharelOmer said...

Thank you pal,

Exit as a strategy has its fallback, Jason Fried from 37signals talks about it in his book reWrok (amazing great book) he said thinking of exit before building a company is like thinking of diverse before getting married :)

We should aim for IPO but have small milestones as we grow which could provide exit... after all if you are attractive to exit you are attractive to growth, get more VC money and aim for IPO :)

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