Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Networking Tech Crucn 50 here i come...

Next week i will be traveling to California to present our new web site at Tech Crunch 50.
Last time i was at an event i meet great and very influential friends.

I was invited to a private dinner powered by Yahoo with the top blogger's from Zdnet and Enterprise 2.o, meet and hang out with Chris Brogan, got my picture in one of Chris's blog posts and got very interesting talks with some CEO's from Box.net and others.

Who knows what TC50 adventure will raise, i already set a few meetings with some managers at Yahoo and plan to meet some friend from the social network world.

I hope that this event will be as good as the others...

Some highlights from the last event (Enterprise 2.0 at Boston):
  • The menu from the Oracle private dinner