Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do the right thing!

On my last trip to the US i was in NY, for the WEB 2.0 Expo I heard Tim O'Reilly Keynote, talking about the web and core players influences.

I will love to see a world of unified apps and real ecosystem mashup.

Web 2.0 Expo NY 09: Tim O'Reilly, "The O'Reilly Radar":

there is a great post by Mark Suster: talking about apple "dominance in mobile is not good for the industry." which made me think about apps and their influences in a large scale.

Companies spend millions on apps like maps,cloud computing, smart mails, search engines, mobile phones, speech recognition, picture recognition, automated translation, online docs,search books and Google give it for FREE, and as we speak on day 1 Google buzz is bigger then twitter.

Its not science fiction to hear that Google just launched a satellite to space in order to provide wireless high speed internet :).. and for free :) to anyone uses Google.

Microsoft dominates the world and got sued, Google dominates the world and i love them, i use all of their products and services. but the big question is, on the long term is Google like companies are good for the industry, entrepreneurs, businesses etc. i think that we have not seen many IPO's in the past years since big cooperation's simple "changed the game" (like Chris Brogan likes to say), which eventually causes less investments in the industry since in 5-7 years you cant see companies grow, its much more likely to get an exit.

Lets hope to see a vision that one day the internet will look like this:

When think of innovations, apps and life, we should do the right thing... who knows where it will lead us, make our own game:
"Do the right thing. you will gratify some people, and astonish the rest."
-Mark Twain

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