Saturday, February 27, 2010

"People don't know what they want" ?

"People don't know what they want" (10:20) - People won't tell you what they want, its a mystery! People should be provided with the right choices that will lead them to happiness.

The one and only Malcolm Gladwell, talks about the nature of choice and happiness.

Another key message is the power of horizontal segmentation in consumer products - different kind of product to provide value to specific people -- "human variability"

We see it a lot in products, give people what they need, not what they want..

If you would ask people if the next big thing is going to be micro-blogging they would say no way, we have SMS, we have blogs, we have mails, why do we need a micro-blog that contain only 140 characters to communicate with others? pitching it to investors will problem fail as well... but.. people use it and use it a lot sine they suddenly understood - i need a marketing tool to get the msg across fast, to the point and to my community of followers.

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