Thursday, June 24, 2010

When to quit ? When to stick?

"Pain is nothing, compared to what it feels like to quit"

This post was inspired by Seth Godin (@@ThisIsSethsBlog) (books: "The dip", "Linchpin"), Art Williams (Just do it Speach) and  Richard Branson (@richardbranson)... with such a great team we can't lose :)

Include two great videos and quotes...

When we start somethings its new and fun, we are passionate and excited, but, like in all cases, as we continue the wind shifts, we are facing with reality, and in our quest to provide value to the world we start to get difficulties, and we start to ask our-self do I really like what we do, why not move to another adventure, I may need another partner to help me, how can do we grow from here....and you may quit.

Quit once - good, quit twice - great quit three times - not so good quit more and you are a serial quitter who quitter for the right reasons, just too many times...

Many people say: Show me a winner and I will show you someone who did not quit, a person with an heart, passion and vision who see the light at the end of the tunnel and fight his way with passion for days, weeks, months and years.

Check this great video from Seth Godin and Richard Branson: learning from failure:

People can be passionate for a month, others for a year but only real winners are passions as long as it takes to win.
Check this video I love by Art Williams:

Like Seth Godin say in his book the dip: "Its almost impossible to over-invest in becoming the market leader"
Like Art William say:"people can do 99% of the things right, yet, if they don't possess that 1% of mental toughness they will lose."

So, what is  new here... the perspective, how can you turn a need to quit into passion to keep on going, how can we Kung-fu our need to quit for a real passion to stay...

Important note: The opposite of quitting is not waiting around and see what happens, its to Kung-fu the need to quit and reverse it into re-dedication by adding a new strategy to break the problem apart.

Embrace the need to quit with a need to change and evolve from there, like all things in nature we evolve when its hard, not when its easy, we grow from our mistakes.

So... fight the resistance, stop attracting quitting as an option to become a winner :)


Omer Gertel said...

I failed over and over, that's why I succeed. (ie, you can't lose if you don't play)

SharelOmer said...

I just LOVE IT! this is a great movie, thanks for sharing :)