Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is the DNA of a startup CEO / Lead entrepreneur?

Well, I don't think there is such a thing, if there were, then entrepreneurship will be easy :)

I believe that action speaks louder then words and that with success no one can argue, so what makes a good CEO... a LEADER, who just do it and curve step by step to create a reality from a vision...

A leader - and leadership cant be learned but earned :)

gr8 quotes and video inside from Naval from VentrureHacks, Art Williams and more...

This is from the "The ABCs of American Culture":

  1. You can’t argue with success.
  2. Just Do it or Just fucking Do it.
  3. No pain, no gain / no guts, no glory!
So, what are the results we expect to see? an ability to build a team with the right DNA inside, take vision and turn it into reality, raise funding, sell the company to customers and investors...

Here is a list of the charterers we expect to see, that can lead a startup from vision into reality:

First you must be an entrepreneur, I like this definition by Naval Ravikant (@naval) from venture hacks (Movie here):

DNA of an entrepreneur:
  • Passionate
  • Irrational optimistic
  • highly committed
and should be a people person, Its the people! stupid - Find a great partner,

DNA of a co-founder:
  • Very smart
  • Very high energy
  • High integrity.
Video: Entrepreneur DNA video by Naval Ravikant

But you must also be a team player and have the DNA of a co-founder, are you a personal contributor or a leader ?

The DNA of a co-Founder by Venture hacks (here):

  • Take responsibility for the outcome of the company.
  • Work above and beyond the call of duty repeatedly.
  • Stick with you through thick and thin.
  • Voluntarily sacrifice their salary or even things that might seem like it’s good for them, for the betterment of the company

Let me finish in what i thin is the most important character... be a winner! and no one say it better then Art Williams: The key to win in biz is not the superficial things like IQ, the way you talk or walk or dress, its not your degree etc. it's what inside a person, your heart and spirit

The DNA of a winner (By Art Williams)
  • Integrity
  • People ability
  • character
  • Mental toughness
  • Be Excited - Positive, existed enthusiastic and tough , for 30 years or how long it takes to win!
 The most motivating speech ever from Art Williams:

Good vibe,


Joko Susilo said...

I agree with you. Just need to take action to achieve a success

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jonwilson said...

Irrational optimism is definitely a key factor. Even when the going gets tough, just remember that even the biggest corporations today had their rough times.

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Boyd J said...

A successful startup CEO has to have good insight, meaning he or she can see where the company would be in the near future.

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