Monday, May 16, 2011

Why business owners should use social media in a more personal way?

Broadcast marketing has its advantages, you can communicate your message to a large crowd, and over time, you will build brand awareness that will result in more business value...

However, more and more users on social media, learned to filter the noise, and focus on what matters to them...

Here are the facts:
What does it mean to us?

That relationship building and online marketing is constantly changing to a more personalized way...

Mention a person, DM him, Engage with him on a personal level seems like a more productive way to reach your business goals online... however its not a scalable way... hopefully more and more tools will appear that will help business owners better engage their community on a more personal way :)

Make sense?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What users are saying about us? helps online businesses to build meaningful, personal relationships with focus on the high-value relationships (Influancers, supporters, Most engaged members etc.) which helps them to achieve their marketing goals to grows engagement, build real connections within the social space, grow market awareness and eventually grow sales and customers life-time value.

All in a stress-free, easy to use and actionable social CRM platform.

Our company name is GR8PPL, and our passion is people, and the relationship between them...

Here are some customer testimonials about us, we are very proud to share it :)

  • "A great tool for community management for Twitter ( I mention a great tool for Twitter community management called I highly suggest you check it out."
  • "Finally a social media tool that grows engagement and is actually useful to creating real connections within the social space. Since the team here at You Brand, Inc. first got introduced to we've used it daily. If you want a tool that will help you build real connections in social media you will love this tool." Scott Scanlon, CEO, You Brand, Inc.
  • "In the language of, they are our supporters."
  • " – I use it to better monitor those who follow with me and engage." -
  • “Looking for the next great #SCRM tool? We're loving @commun_it to manage online leads. Imagine #hootsuite, but targeted for salesppl...” - @TA_Vision
  • " community management software (social CRM)" -

Thursday, February 24, 2011

What is social sales? what is social engagement?

"Sales is changing constantly, and what has changed now is the nature of the engagement between sales person and his customers."

Each person who is active online via social media want to make a difference,  and manage the meaningful relationships that help him to make the change...add value to the world and his personal brand or business brand.

This post include a recommended 5 min movie that talk on social sales, and soem quoters from julien post on "how to survive the social-crash"....

Monday, February 14, 2011

What is social CRM? Social Businesses?

Great questions...
Not sure there is a right answer... however there may be the "right answer to you".. based on your business, it's maturity level, your target market, your customers target market, your social presence, your social brand, your marketing goals, your social media maketing goals, your budget, the company maturity towards social marketing , the tools the company use now and their ability to integrate, your need to scale, future plans, they way you drive traffic now, your CPA, your customer LTV...

This post include quotes and references from market experts who talk more on this subject...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The reason is Why? Why Apple is so innovative?

"People don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it" (@simonsinek)

Many people say their product or company failed to win for the following reasons:
  • Under capitalized
  • Not the right people in the team
  • Bad market conditions
Yet, many people who has the above more ...