Thursday, February 24, 2011

What is social sales? what is social engagement?

"Sales is changing constantly, and what has changed now is the nature of the engagement between sales person and his customers."

Each person who is active online via social media want to make a difference,  and manage the meaningful relationships that help him to make the change...add value to the world and his personal brand or business brand.

This post include a recommended 5 min movie that talk on social sales, and soem quoters from julien post on "how to survive the social-crash"....

In order to make a difference, we need to understand the ecosystem we live in and what was changed... i think that the biggest change is the way sales are being done.. all of the free social networks are great for the social networks, but what is the ROI for your community menders, what is the value to you or your business...

Check this post by @julien
  • "There are those who know how to really turn networks into an income stream, by the way. They are called SALESPEOPLE."
  • "Do you consider yourself a salesperson? This is not most of us. Most people are anxious about turning weak ties into money, but for some, it may be necessary.
  • So your options are to step out, or to learn to create value from what you have built by stretching your social contract to include selling to them."

So why this "social salespeople" has changed and entered our life? two reasons according to the movie below:
  • Social media explosion - the way people consume and get information has changed... sales person are not needed... each consumer validate his buying with his social community and the web
    • Not every consumer is a business person, but every business person is a consumer - so the consumer buy habits has changed to to B2B relationship, consumers dont need to get the info from their sales person... they can get it online..
    • The pre-sales process has become harder... since the brand and his online review sale, and not the salesperson need to work much much harder to gain the trust of their prospects, REALLY understand the market and the prospect pain and ecosystem.
  • No sales/marketing budgets - the recent financial crisis forced business to make sales and marketing in less funding.

So, when a person want to sell, he need to think social, and understand:

  • What value I as a sales person bring to my prospects and customers.
  • How do I get involved in this process.
    • One simple answer is you need to "JOIN THE CONVERSATION", hang out where your customers hang out... since they get information from others... no you...
In addition need an ability to:
  • Filter the right data for you
  • Contact with customers with context of their world...

So... building meaningful relationship via social media is probably the best strategy to make a difference..

Question: a person have a limited amount of time a day, so you have two options build canned relationship or build a strong relationship but it takes more time... the tradeoff is the # of followers... what would you choose?

  • A. have 50k followers on twitter, yet with no strong meaningful relationship
  • B. have 500 followers who are fans, follow you back and in touch

I think that all of us should start thinking about B...

The wrap it up, please take 5 min to watch this movie that talk on the above issue, it will open your mind of what is social what is sales and how they merge in our life...

This is why i write this blog... its not professional , has many speling and grammer mistakes and mostly read by a really small amount of people... however this are the people i know, and interact with... this are the people that will be around for years, and together we could grow and learn from one another...


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