Sunday, April 3, 2011

What users are saying about us? helps online businesses to build meaningful, personal relationships with focus on the high-value relationships (Influancers, supporters, Most engaged members etc.) which helps them to achieve their marketing goals to grows engagement, build real connections within the social space, grow market awareness and eventually grow sales and customers life-time value.

All in a stress-free, easy to use and actionable social CRM platform.

Our company name is GR8PPL, and our passion is people, and the relationship between them...

Here are some customer testimonials about us, we are very proud to share it :)

  • "A great tool for community management for Twitter ( I mention a great tool for Twitter community management called I highly suggest you check it out."
  • "Finally a social media tool that grows engagement and is actually useful to creating real connections within the social space. Since the team here at You Brand, Inc. first got introduced to we've used it daily. If you want a tool that will help you build real connections in social media you will love this tool." Scott Scanlon, CEO, You Brand, Inc.
  • "In the language of, they are our supporters."
  • " – I use it to better monitor those who follow with me and engage." -
  • “Looking for the next great #SCRM tool? We're loving @commun_it to manage online leads. Imagine #hootsuite, but targeted for salesppl...” - @TA_Vision
  • " community management software (social CRM)" -
  • "It was a genuine response instead of an auto-responder and it didn’t include a sales pitch. I was shocked, and it wasn’t until this point that I decided to check out his website" -
  • “Very cool stuff here in - I'm digging into the influencers. Great thing here - showed me someone that retweeted my post without using my name. How else would I know? That's freaking cool” - @rdempsey
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